I work on open source crates and am active on

This blog is about the Rust Programming Language. Here we will delve into the details of how Rust operates, how it desugars various constructs, and more!

I have created a number of crates including:

  • generic-field-projection - A prototype implementation for RFC #2708, which allows you overload the dot operator to get field access on arbitrary types.
    • ptr-to-field was a precursor to generic-field-projection and helped inform it’s design decisions.
    • typsy - Type level list and enums which is used in the internals of generic-field-projection. This crate was heavily inspired by frunk
  • double-buffer - A re-implementation of left-right that has a few different design decisions and serves as a lower level api to left-right
  • generic-vec – a Vec implementation that is generic over its storage strategy
    • For example, it’s possible to implement both a heap-backed vector and an array backed vector with this library and use GenericVec without caring about how its data is stored
  • type-families - An implementation of a few popular type-classes from Haskell in stable Rust
  • rel-ptr - Relative pointers in Rust, which can be used to soundly create one class of self-referential types.
  • vec-utils - Extra functions to efficiently covnert a Vec<T> to Vec<U>, reusing the memory where possible
  • set_slice - My first crate, some syntactic sugar to allow setting arbitrary sub-slices of a slice

I’ve also work on a number of open source projects, chief among them:

  • Rust std library PR - where I modified the blanket implementations on From -> TryFrom to Into -> TryFrom
  • MIRI deallocation hooks PR 1, PR 2 - where I added deallocation hooks to MIRI, which shows you when an allocation is deallcoated when it is tracked.
  • Made once_cell more flexible PR - Changed once_cell::*::Lazy to allow FnOnce closures instead of just Fn closures
    • once_cell is now in the process of getting merged into std, which is exciting
  • Exposed useful traits in packed_simd PR
  • Found subtle soundness holes in multiple crates: